| 20th March 2018

Good day,

As you know we have a Taxi strike here in Jnb today, our drivers are also effected as Tembisa is blocked – there is no Entry nor Exit, they called this morning and they promised to make a way to come in, however I told them not to take chances. The R21 / R24 at O R Thambo Int is blocked, this will cause delays all over. I believe that they are also making their way to the Germiston area, with us being central our in and out to surrounding areas has to be either on R21 / R24 or Gillooly’s Interchange but we will monitor the situation.

This is going to be quite a challenging day as tomorrow is a public holiday.

We ask for your understanding.
We will always strive to be of great service to you.

Kind regards,
Transmart Management.

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