B-B BEE (Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment)

4PL.GROUP has a level 3 BEE rating

Mentoring Programme – FEM

FEM (4PL Empowerment Model) is a structured Empowerment Model which invites hand selected contractors to work under the 4PL.GROUP umbrella. A distinctive accreditation process ensures the upliftment of these contractors over an initial 36 month curriculum.

These programmes are an extension of our company’s culture. We always consider the local transport infrastructure, government policies; technology related supporting functions and funding limitations within the best solution for the African environment.

On the successful completion of these projects, our contractors are then empowered to perform the required services and support functions to their clients. As an added option we maintain a mentorship role to ensure continuous business success

  • Operational System Information
  • Fleet and Route planning and scheduling
  • Business Administration
  • Business Accounting
  • Driver and Vehicle monitoring
  • Fleet replacement policies
  • Skills transfer to upcoming personnel within the contractor’s business

Skills transfer is an on-going activity in all projects where 4PL.GROUP is involved, be it with our clients, or their contractors.