NB Points to remember

Important Points to Remember when Completing a Waybill

  • Sender name, address and after hours telephone number (we load and de-bulk vehicles after you have gone home, often we need to double check information). The sender must sign each waybill.
  • Receiver name and address, contact details, dialling and postal code (to identify towns with the same name).
  • Number of pieces, brief description, dimensions in cm, and actual weight.
  • Service type required. As we are predominantly an Express Operator, all waybills will be charged at an Express Rate should the service type not be clearly marked.
  • Transmart staff members must sign the waybill acknowledging receipt of goods.


POD’s are checked prior to scanning, and invoices are raised according to service type. Statements, invoices and POD’s are available on the website. Scanning and e-mail options are available too.

Payment Terms

Strictly 30 days from date of Statement. Earlier payment (i.e. 7 days from Statement) may be considered favourably and a rebate afforded to clients.